The ROYALTY on Protection of the Intellectual Property

One of the main branches of specialization of the “ROYALTY on Protection of the Intellectual Property” is the protection of the copyrights, related rights as well as industry property units: trading marks, commercial items and inventions, design inventions, utility models etc. ”The ROYALTY on Protection of the Intellectual Property” provides qualified consulting service to its clients, regarding formulation, accomplishment and protection of intellectual property, represents their interests in relevant government authority.

In the sphere of intellectual property “The ROYALTY on Protection of the Intellectual Property” specializes particularly on securing legal protection of intellectual rights of individual authors and performers as well as rights of organizations, copyright holders that present various music catalogues. Contribution in this field includes close cooperation with law enforcement bodies and State Department of Intellectual Property. We have gained wide experience dealing with cases of copyright protection in accordance with procedures of civil and business proceedings and obtaining affirmative court decisions for our clients. “The ROYALTY on Protection of the Intellectual Property” also has a great experience concerning project administration in spheres of show business, complex protection of popular song performer's and sound-recording companies’ rights.

“The ROYALTY on Protection of the Intellectual Property” provides the full range of juridical services regarding protection of trade marks (labels of goods and services) from illegal use and we are ready to provide services on protection of intellectual property to domestic as well as foreign companies. Our company is not the trading one and we can provide a complete range of legal assistance in means of protection intellectual rights to you or to your agents and resellers in Ukraine.

We are ready to discuss cooperation. We offer every copyright holder to send its suggestions about protection of their legitimate interests in Ukraine with our help to addresses given below.

Our address is:
lane Theatre - 11/13, office 213
Kharkov, 61057
Tel/fax +38 (057) 752-30-72, ěîá. +38 (050) 401-22-44.